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" As a part of the Humane Warriors team, my journey is founded on the belief that *we need to fight humanely for a socially and environmentally just planet earth*. In keeping with this belief, I want to normalise long distance cycling as a regular means of transportation for people who are in decent health and have the means to. I believe that in today’s consumerist lifestyle that is pushed into all aspects of our daily lives, powering yourself on your own energy is a true act of rebellion. Furthermore, the Humane Warriors team would like to bring into focus, our petition against the Draft EIA 2020, wherein we will send custom postcards to the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MOEFCC) with glimpses of the bicycle tour and a message asking them to withdraw the draft. The idea is to encourage India to upgrade its version of EIA upto the same EIA standards practised elsewhere in the world and to encourage a transition into cleaner modes of transportation. "


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Bike for a cause

Our Warrior, Eashan Saikia, took a solo bicycle tour on the 1200 km long Eurovelo15 highway, which is a dedicated bicycle path along the River Rhine from its source to the sea. The path began high up in the Alps of Switzerland and meets the North sea in the west-coast of Netherlands. With this trip, he also rose awarenees about the environmental causes in India. ​


Donors also received a personalised postcard from his trip!

Raised 15000+ INR!!

Cricket for a cause

Make a prediction regarding your IPL team, let your favorite player carry your hopes while you uplift the hopes of the underprivileged to continue education during these tough times! 

So let's get it started!! Pledge your amount for any of the outcomes! E.g. Pledge 40 INR or 4 CHF for every 4 (you predict) your supporting team will hit!


While the players get ready in Dubai you are getting ready for the next 45 days of a much-needed window of fun! Maintaining social distancing during these games should not take away the fierce vibes you experience during the competition!

Cricket Strike

We at HumaneWarriors aim to augment your fun and share a little bit of your joy with the 400 million people who are struggling for food and education!

While you see how well your team performs, see how well your donations perform!

Support one student for one month   Rs. 1,250

Support one student for two months   Rs. 2,500

Support two students for two months   Rs. 5,000

Support one student for a whole year   Rs. 15,000

Support two students for a whole year  Rs. 30,000

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