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Education is a basic right!

विद्या एव सर्वधनम्

Knowledge is the greatest wealth


Lets give this gift of education to students of Malwani, India!

Project Status:  Donations closed for phase 1 of the project. Phase 2, mentorship program started

We have successfully started our first batch of mentorship to students of Malwani who are currently in their 10th grade. We currently have 9 kids being mentored by 8 mentors.

The goal of this mentorship to provide career guidance, along with guidance on how to apply for higher education and the requirements it entails. The larger goal is to make students aware of their options. Many children often have to drop out due to financial reasons and in such cases, we aim to find them correspondence courses or night schools and make them aware of these choices. Their access to technology is limited.  They usually have only one phone per household. This results in lack of exposure. This mentorship brings in professionals from different backgrounds, so the students have access to information and role models.

Phase 1150,000 INR raised!

Our Motivation

The lockdown due to COVID-19 poses a big challenge of increased drop-outs, especially in low-income schools (for kids of migrants and daily workers). One such case was presented to us by the M.H. English school in Malwani, Mumbai with 350 students from class 1-10, with a staff of 12 teachers and additional contract-based staff.


Over 100 students of M.H school are facing the fear of losing their education because of the financial crisis imposed on their families due to the COVID-19 lockdown. These parents, though passionate for their children's education, are currently finding it extremely challenging to put food on the table.


Humane warriors first collaborated with M.H. English school during the early days of lockdown and have helped the school donate ration kits to 338 families for 15 days. Now we aim to help these parents with funds for their children's education.


Together with the school administration, the teachers and your donations, we can ensure that these bright students continue to work towards their goals and dreams, to become the scientists, artists and leaders of tomorrow.


Transparency details/ Sources

  1. Fee structure of school

  2. Names and details of students who will be helped through this campaign

  3. Pictures of students and school

  4. Links to Schools social media page

  5. Pictures of fee payment slips of students we have supported with donations till now

Education Expenses

All funds collected in this campaign will go towards the education expenses of students of M.H School.

Fee payments

For the first two months, all 100 students will be supported with school fees. This time period was chosen to allow parents to get back on their feet and buy them some time to recover from their financial crisis due to loss of work.


After these two months, need-based scholarships will be awarded on a yearly basis to promising students. These students will also be mentored under the Humane Warriors Scholarship Program. 


We estimate to be able to fund at least 30 students with these scholarships.

How will your donations be used?

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