Warrior Research

Information on some topics our warriors study or work on, related to environmental and social (equity and) sustainability


#1 Environmental

Sciences & Education

Based on the experience of warriors working in the environmental fields, here we lie down some basic introduction on how to start a study or a career in the field. 

- How does daily life of an environmental research look like? 

- Where can one start to look for all the environmental education fields?

And many more questions to explore..


#2 Energy Efficient Buildings

Building lead to almost 30% of global emissions, mostly in the global north and there have been many studies to undertand how to reduce these. But the core principle focuses on adapting the energy supply with the energy needs (occupant demands).


Through the podcast, city of the future, we explore this topic to understand how to build more sustainable cities. 

#4 Tech Corporate Sustainability

What are the ways the large tech cpmpanies are planning to combat the climate change: Lets explore through some examples.

Based on a podcast at ted.countdown.com

#5 Recycling Goods


How does recycling of products help the planet? Which material's recycling matters the most? How can you do this? Some stats regarding the recycling which makes it clear why mostly it is an environmental friendly practice. 

#3 Permaculture & Urban Gardening


For working towards environmental and social sustainability, it is very important to be a part of the nature first - understand how the nature and humans adapt to each other. Living mostly in urban areas, it is a challenge for most of our warriors, so some of us took up the practice of permaculture to learn how to co-exist with the environment. Here are some of the basic learnings!