Warrior Reads 

Summary of some books that we recommend

on environmental and social (equity and) sustainability


#1 Staying Alive: Women, Ecology and Development


Vandana Shiva


The industrial era has costed the planet and the life on it drastically, and this book reflects on adapting various methods cultivated majorly by women in households, to protect the environment. 

We, at Humane Warriors, believe that no climate or environmental justice can happen without social justice and thus recommend this book as a must-read for a peek into social and environmental sustainability.


#2 Social Labs Revolution: Solving our most complex challenges


Zaid Hassan

The book by Zaid Hassan on social labs revolution  questions the classic business as usual approach in solving the complex problems from hunger, inequity to climate change - and suggests ways to adapt a more agile and prototype-based approach.


We are glad to be able to implement many of these learnings with our work at Humane Warriors.