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Social Entrepreneurs and Change makers


This book attempts to look into the minds of six global social entrepreneurs, and their respective organisations—to understand how and why they responded to a humanitarian crisis. It traces their story from the start, in a Q&A format. Instead of walking away with a heavy heart and doing nothing; these founders, directors, and project leaders decided to stay, listen, and help, when they saw a problem. 















What kind of impact did these projects create? Does 'giving and sharing with no return' really bestow an everlasting joy? If all these questions ever made you pause and think, then you have the right book in your hands.  

Book Authors: ACT, Asha Zurich, Humane Warriors, Protsaah, Rice Mill Enterprise (Abundance), Touching Heart, Usthi

Publisher: Bose Creative Publisher.


All the sales go 100% towards the causes of the projects

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