Digital education is a luxury for many

Quality education with digital technologies is still a privilege for most of the rural schools in India,

But can we change this together?

486 USD raised (updated weekly)                 


6,700 USD target

Kanhewadi Budruk village in Central India (Pune) with 1530 residents has only one school.166 students attend this school from classes 5-10.

Post-COVID lockdown time has amplified the pre-existing problem of increased student dropout, especially from the government schools (for kids of migrants, daily workers, and tribals).

One of the ways to keep students in school is to have better incentives, learning facilities and
curriculum that create a creative learning environment. Digital learning and access to it at an early age are quite essential today for the rural kids to be able to learn faster, have access to better learning opportunities, and be raised as global citizens while still retaining and nurturing their traditional values.

Humane Warriors is working closely with the Kanhewadi school team to develop a rural e-learning center and curriculum which will be serve as a model that can be replicated across rural India.


We aim to have the center open by 15th August 2020. Help us make this happen!

1. Provision of computers

Currently there are only five old computers for the entire school of 166 students. We will equip the school with fifteen additional computers so that more students will have access to digital tools and elearning content.

Cost ~ 300,000 INR
or 4,000 USD

2. Energy independence

Rural locations come with many challenges, one of which is unreliable energy access. To prevent this from affecting the e-learning center's operation, we aim to equip it with solar energy supply/ battery support

Cost ~ 200,000 INR

or 2,700 USD

3. Better e-learning program

Currently, the e-learning program lacks a detailed training in programming, and with one of our warriors (Jyotsna Ghaitilak, IIT Bombay alumni, trained in curriculum design at Avanti), we are developing a new programming curriculum for grades 5 -10.

4. Skill development workshops

With it's multidisciplinary warrior network across the world, HW aims to inspire and provide skill development workshops to school students, so that they become changemakers within their own communities.


“This is the story of one of the subdivisions of high school of Rayat Shikshan Sanstha, one of the largest educational societies working for rural education across Maharashtra. It’s a part of the main school, which is on the other side of a river. After a tragic loss of 2 girls in flood due to the river crossing, this school was built in 1992 for the convenience of students living across. This school was built in a government colony of workers and migrants of the nearest dam, and for tribal, who would else miss school.

As private schools increased, the attention on government school reduced with a steady decline of attendance, so, one of the teachers (born and brought up nearby) came back to save and serve the school - Mr. Milind Kobal, also popularly known as 'Milind Da' in the village. He is more than a teacher, a guide, and always imagined a transformation where the school serves as a medium for the overall development of kids. In a few months, and after a number of letters to the administration, with Saathee organization and (monetary/ otherwise) help of multiple alumni, the reformation of school is already taking shape - and as a blessing in disguise, the corona lockdown time has allowed for repair of roofs and walls of the school. 


But this is just the start, now we need the students and parents to have strong incentives to be in school after post-corona situation - and that is why with Humane Warriors team, we would be setting up an e-learning center: which will encompass better computer access and training for the students, better e-learning curriculum and skill development workshops.”

- Deepak Kobal, Alumnus of Kanhewadi subdivision school

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