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Become a patron: Support marginalised children of the transgender community

Help us support Moitri Sanjog in creating a safe and supportive environment for marginalised children by becoming a monthly donor for at least 12 months. You will be supporting the child to have a dignified life with quality education and health. 

Our Project Mission

People who do not fit into socially constructed gender binary and heteronomative sexual behaviour face tremendous violence and discrimination. They are not welcome in large sections of society due to which they are left with no other choice but to resort to sex work or begging to make a living. Unfortunately, their children also subsequently face discrimination in society, including bullying at school. Furthermore, the coronavirus pandemic has worsened the situation leading to the closure of schools and loss of daily wage of parents, thus leading to the children dropping out of school.


To provide a safe and supportive environment for these children, our partner Moitri Sanjog is running a daycare centre for them. Children are provided with basic additional educational support, daily midday meals and other soft skills’ training such as painting, dancing, etc. This daycare centre is supported solely on yearly donations and HW is looking for patrons who want to help bring about a change in the lives of these disenfranchised children. 

Click here to find out more about Moitri Sanjog

How will your donations be used?

With your monthly donation of 30 euros for 12 months, you support the child to have a dignified life with quality education and health. Your money will be used for buying books and stationaries, paying teacher's salaries and  procuring daily food. Additionally, we will also run a mentorship program with the teachers, including training and discussions to improve their teaching methods.

As a patron, you will get monthly updates from Humane Warriors about the children and their well-being. You will also have the opportunity to be involved in the children’s development. 

For more information and on how to support, contact:
Amal (          Anubhuti (

FAQs about the Moitri Sanjog Daycare Program:
  • What is Moitri Sanjog and what is the day centre for ?

Moitri Sanjog, meaning “a network to connect friends is an organization with a mission to reach out to people in Coochbehar who are transgender or gender variant and mobilize them to protest against socio-domestic violence, provide support  ensure that everyone from the queer community gets equal opportunity, rights and entitlements to grow as a human being with dignity and respect. It is officially registered under Society Act as a CBO in the year 2011.

The  day care center for the children of sex workers is set up by them to reinforce all the marginal sections of the society. The children are provided with basic educational support, and other soft skills like painting, dancing etc.


  • Who runs this daycare centre ?

The centre is run by Sumi di, who herself received minimal formal education as she left home when she was 14 as she faced a lot discrimination amongst the society. She later joined and worked with several NGOs and contributed to the community in many ways . She is now 35, and wants to ensure that no child has to go through her experience and pain and drop out from school and ensure their right to quality education. Currently her center has three teachers, a volunteer cook and a person hired for reporting.


  • How many children are at the day centre and how old are they ?

There are 15 children. They are in the age group of 6-12 years, formally enrolled in a govt school. Additionally, there are 30+ more who are waiting to be enrolled.

  • What is the language of instruction ? 

The main language of instruction is Bengali, but education is also in English

  • What facilities are available at the centre ?

The center consists of 2 rooms made of steel corrugated sheets. The teaching is done on a whiteboard. The electronic facilities are limited to a laptop and printer. 

  • What is the qualification of teachers ?

There are three paid teachers. Two of the teachers are BA graduates and one is a high school graduate.

  • What will your donation be used for ? 

Mostly all for food and stationery, but other extra expenses for picnic/ celebrations, extra curricular which at the moment are done through personal expenses, most of the time which doesn't work out due to lack of funds

  • Other than school education, what other skills are taught to the students ? 

Someone from their community teaches odissi dance twice a month and one more person volunteers to teach drawing.

  • How is this helping the students, from the perspective of integration into society, education of transgender rights ? 

They work on mental health programs, not with the kids as much, but with youth. They also have a livelihood program with catering center,  beauty parlor, cane craft, etc

  • What is our relationship with Moitri Sanjog?

Humane Warriors has previously supported Moitri Sanjog as part of our Help India Breathe campaign in 2021 with procurement and distribution of ration kits to community members. We strongly belief in Moitri Sanjog's vision and mission towards gender equity.

  • How can you contribute more ?

You can be part of the change by ideating with us over what more can be done to improve their education and livelihoods, conducting workshops for teachers, interaction with students, mentoring and improving teaching methods, revising their food chart, be part or sponsor an event/ celebration, etc. If you resonate with any of our ideas or have one of your own, please contact us and we will try to make it happen with you.

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