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Current open positions

Social Media Expert

Would you like to spend the time on social media for a cause? Can you grab attention of people with your posts, then join us to make an impact through social media! 

Website Designer

Want to show off your website building skills and/or the hidden-designer in you? Then write to us on the form below and share your skills to build a beautiful HW website.

Finance Manager

Are you a finance professional who can advise us on how to account for the international finance (transfers) across various projects.  Then what's the wait, join us! 

Graphic Designer

We could make use of your illustrator skills to design beautiful posters and illustrations for our blogs and campaigns. Share your portfolio or profile with us, and lets make an impact with design & arts!

Project Manager

Want to lead one of our projects while building strong partner relations, communication skills, finance and task management? Then join us!

HR Manager

As our team is growing super fast, we are looking for a HR Manager, who can help us in recuitments, setup our policy documents and make protocols for Humane Warriors team. Interested? 

Please note that these openings are for volunteering, and there is no monetary remuneration.

Humane Warriors is a non-profit organisation and everyone working towards this cause are volunteers. 

To join for openings above or our other projects' or operations' team, please fill the form below:

Number of hours you can commit to for volunteering?
Your skills and/or interests

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Active Warriors

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