Frequently asked questions

What are you going to sample?

We sample building materials that the Massachusetts Department of Labor Standards requires us to sample. Keep in mind, asbestos was used in over 3,000 building products.

How many samples are you going to take?

That is determined by the type of building material that structure is made up, and the size of the structure.

How long will the sampling take?

This time also is determined by the type of building material that the structure is made up of, and the size of the structure.

Is it more cost effective to just assume there is asbestos there and have it removed professionally?

No, it is always better to have it tested rather than assume asbestos is present.

Can you tell if a building material contains asbestos by looking at it?

Yes, for some building materials such as pipe insulation, siding. However, the regulation reads all building materials that have not been tested for the presence of asbestos are assumed to contain asbestos. So beware, there are contractors out there who will perform abatement projects because you have not had the material tested based on this regulation, so beware.

The house I am buying has asbestos. Can you test to verify that?

We can only test a home that you are purchasing with written permission from the homeowner.

Can you walk through the home I am buying and tell me if there is a potential for asbestos to be present?

Yes, we can but testing would need to be performed to verify.

My flooring guy said this is definitely asbestos should I bother to have it tested?

Yes, absolutely. Why take on an abatement project and the cost if it’s not asbestos.

My contractor started to remove stuff in my home but he didn’t have it tested and dust is everywhere, should I be concerned?

Absolutely, have him contain the area and stop immediately, and contact us.

I started to remove my carpet and it started to pull up the tiles underneath.  I went online and it looked like asbestos. What should I do?

Stop and contact us.

If my home was built in the 90s can asbestos be in my home?

Yes, asbestos can be there. Regardless of the age of your home asbestos can be in the building materials that make up your home.

If I did a renovation project last year do I have to have it tested for asbestos?

Yes, you do. Regardless of the age of the renovation prior to doing another renovation or demolition you need to have it tested for the presence of asbestos.