About Us

We are a network of warriors in India and around the world fighting and alleviating hunger amongst the poor in 27 locations in 11 states across India during this #covidlockdown. HumaneWarriors works towards the vision of a socially and environmentally just Planet Earth.

What We Do

Through our Fight Hunger Fight Corona campaign, we

  • set up community kitchens to cook and serve meals to the hungry.

  • pack and distribute multi-week ration kits to families in need.

  • raise awareness to the hunger situation & social inequality and fundraise across the world

  • We train humane warriors for #zerohunger


Your donations help us alleviate pressing hunger amongst migrant & daily wage workers and their families in cities, towns and villages across India. Our warriors and partner NGOs work tireless to prepare cooked meals & ration kits for those in need.

Our Warriors are located in:

[India] Delhi, Mumbai (MH), Chandigarh, Noida, Gudalur (TN), Wayanad (, Chennai, Manipal (KA), Guwahati (AS), Cochin (KL), Naya Gaon (PB), Thane (MH), Aurangabad (MH), Kolhapur (MH), Pune (MH), Kamjong (MN), Bhopal (MP)

[Rest of World] Zurich, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Minneapolis, Bern, Cape Town, Belgium

More Info

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Our locations:

Zurich, Switzerland

5-9-1303, Sanjaynagar, Aurangabad, 431001, Maharashtra, India