Frequently asked questions

What kind of work do you do?

We are a network of volunteers across the globe, who engage in hunger-relief, education, and livelihood projects to build resilient communities. We also work on various environmental causes, and our mission is to work towards a social and environmentally just world. Check out our projects here!

How long has the organization been around and where is it located?

The organization started in March 2020 in Zurich (Switzerland) when the pandemic hit the most vulnerable communities. That’s when we started our Hunger Campaign. We are registered in Switzerland but all our work is mostly done virtually, and the impact is aimed at India. We are a group of individuals spread across the world (from members in USA, Switzerland, India.)

What has the impact of your organization been over x number of years?

We have been only operational for the last 3+ months and till then we have

  • Reached out with 1,60,000+ daily meals during a lockdown of COVID
  • Provided ration kits (monthly) to 15,000+ people during a lockdown of COVID
  • Helped livelihood of 10+ families to build post-COVID jobs
  • Provided hygiene and sanitary kits to the 150 families in Assam as flood relief
  • Supported education of 100 kids (in progress, details above)
  • Supported building an e-learning center and digital curriculum
  • Provided salaries for 5 teachers of a tribal school
  • Provided 5000 masks to migrant laborers and communities for COVID protection
  • Developed a network of 30 NGOs across 27 locations

What relief work is the organization doing?  (Type of relief, beneficiaries, location, etc)

We work on the principle of UN Sustainable development goals. Currently we are active in the relief of hunger, education, livelihood and environment protection. Our all 30 NGO beneficiaries and the 27 locations for hunger projects are detailed here: Transparancy Report We have been working further with some of these beneficiaries on 1. Education (e-learning center with SSVV school and scholarship fund with MH school), 2. Livelihood (microcredit loans via Hamarabank at CSA) and 3. Environment-protection projects (Assam flood relief with NEC-IITB & EIA2020-petition with Veditum)

What has been the extent of your relief work so far? Do you have a goal? If so, what is it?

We have project-specific goals, to cover as many families as possible and close the gaps of inequity. E.g. For the learning project, we would like to reach 200 students with access to digital education as the first step, and later on, extend it to more rural/ tribal schools.

How much have you been able to raise so far/how much more do you hope to raise?

We have been able to raise for various causes ~41,05,000 INR Hunger-relief, Hamara Bank, Tribal learning center: 37,00,000 INR Scholarship fund: 141,767 INR (Donations closed) Elearning project: 50,000 INR Assam relief project: 5,000 INR (Donations closed)

Are you affiliated with any fundraising platforms like Ketto, Milaap etc?

We run one of our project on Milaap

How can people donate if they wish to do so? Would you like us to add details of the payment method to the post? (Bank transfer, Google Pay, Paytm, fundraising link, etc)

We have respective project links to the respective project web-pages. We usually have Instamojo and donor box linked to each project (except for the Milaap project).

If you’re looking for volunteers, what kind of support are you looking for from them and where would volunteers have to be located to participate? Are there safety measures in place?

We are looking for 1. Designers for creating content for reaching out to more donors, especially on social media 2. Fundraising volunteers They need not be located anywhere specific We have already developed safety guidelines with our NGOs (Also in Marathi)

Are there any volunteer testimonials or other testimonials you’d like us to include?

1. Our media reports and testimonials 2. From one of our projects in the Assam 3. From our volunteers: Post 1 and Post 2

Are there any pictures or videos you would like us to include?

All our photos for the Hunger relief campaign are here, please find others on our social media

If there are permits needed to do this relief work, have you been able to obtain them?

Our partners have been able to obtain them from local authorities,e.g. Assam Flood Relief Project

How can you reach out to us directly?

You can reach out to Rhythima Shinde or Naveen Shamsudhin at