The Government of India has put forward a draft, with significant regressive amendments to the existing Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) regulations with a pro-industry mindset that facilitates “ease of doing business”.

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Some of the problematic amendments are:


  • The draft EIA Notification legalises post-facto clearances (i.e. it gives clearances after projects have already begun or been completed) allowing legalising projects which were not approved before.

  • Public consultation has been waived off for a variety of projects areas such as inland waterways, oil and gas exploration, roads and pipelines in border areas, and for capacity expansion projects (upto 50%) across all sectors.  transportation, etc. Also,  any project the government deems to self-label as "strategic" is exempt from the purview of the EIA.

  • Industries are now required to submit compliance reports only once a year, which is reduced from twice a year. Additionally the delegation of monitoring powers for these projects is majorly allocated to government institutions, and it is not clarified how these institutions will be selected.

  • The time frame of public consultations has been reduced from 30 days to 20 days without any justifications.

Read our call-for-action report with compilation of resources here: Withdraw EIA2020

What actions can you take: 

  • Sign our global petition on this page.  ​

  • Send a mail (EIA2020-MOEFCC@GOV.IN) to the Indian Ministry of Environment:  Write a simple 1 sentence email or perhaps longer - "I believe that Draft EIA 2020 will harm the environment, kindly withdraw it."

  • Use social media power: Reshare, tweet and use hashtags like #WithdrawEIA #SaveEIA #EIAForGreenIndia #LetIndiaBreathe #moefcc #goi #fridaysforfutureindia #drafteia2020

Our extended take on this topic and consequences:

Blog on environmental justice

Sign the global petition

I request the Ministry of Environment of India to withdraw the EIA2020 draft because it does not enable environment protection, but rather serves only as environment clearance process. It also waives of public consultation for major projects, which would threaten the local communities and ecology.


(it might take few minutes to show up your name after signing)

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