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Empower marginalized adolescent girls in rural India

Help us create a hybrid IVRS-Smartphone based digital ecosystem of students, parents and teachers. In the first phase of the project, we require your help in providing devices to 400 girls. 

28500 EUR to go! 

1500 of 30000 EUR Raised

Our Motivation

Access to school education is a structural issue and thus, what girls need is not a short term solution but an ecosystem that supports them structurally – by bringing together all stakeholders (teachers, school leadership, and parents) who have agency over their decisions.


We’re partnering with SwaTaleem with technical support. SwaTaleem has been working with the community for the past three years with a team of over 30 years of work experience from disciplines like Engineering, Neuroscience to Psychology and Design. The inroads to the community of girls, schools, teachers and parents are well developed along with a multiyear scalable MoU with the Government to expand the idea with their support.

Find out more about SwaTaleem

Credits:  Soumik, Hanyu Zhu, SwaTaleem

Digital Support

In the first phase, we aim to fund 200 phones for girls (20% of total girls in schools). This will amount to maximum 10 lakhs INR.

In the second phase, we want to expand to further schools and would need to raise funds for around 1000 phones.

How will your donations be used?

IVRS Development and Technical Support

Our aim is to develop an agile and intelligent low cost system which uses both smartphone and interactive voice response system (IVRS) assisted technology to bring together girl students, parents and teachers. This unifying digital ecosystem aims to do three things:

1) Engage parents with their daughters’ education using IVRS, parents get regular updates about their daughter’s schooling progress and well-being),


2) Connect parents and teachers through virtual school management committees


3) Connect schools to form a national network committed to empowering girls via internet assisted platforms to discuss school policies, trainings on life skills and digital literacy

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