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Humane Warrior’s Mentorship Initiative : Malwani 

Project Status:  Ongoing

As part of the Scholarship initiative for Malwani, the mentorship program was started to guide students on the brink of dropping out after class 10, which is often the case in that school. Due to the pandemic making things worse, Humane Warriors came up with this program to keep them in school and motivate them to pursue further education. 


While the immediate goal of this program is to provide career guidance, along with information on how and when to apply for further studies and the necessary requirements - the broader goal of this program is to make students aware of their options, since many often have to drop out due to financial constraints. In such cases, we aim to help them find correspondence courses or night schools and make sure they are aware of these options. 


The students have limited access to technology. Typically, only one phone is available per household so they do not have the exposure or opportunity to explore their options online. Through this mentorship program, we want to bring in professionals from different backgrounds based on the students' interests, so they have access to information as well as role models.

Meet the Mentors

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