About us

Who we are

We are a network of warriors in India and around the world fighting and alleviating inequity (e.g. hunger, livelihood gaps and inaccessibility to education) amongst the poor in 27 locations in 11 states across India. Our work started during this #covidlockdown. We work towards the vision of a socially and environmentally just Planet Earth.

What we do

We build resilient communities while fighting against social and environmental injustice. We do it through various activities: 


Fundraising : check our events and external crowdfunding pages on hunger-relief & education


Impact-reach projects in the field of education (ongoing), livelihood (ongoing), and hunger (concluded) 


Awareness, network- and knowledge-building for global community (of expats)

for environmental and social injustice in India 

Through our Fight Hunger Fight Corona campaign, we have

- set up community kitchens to cook and serve meals to the hungry.

- packed and distributed multi-week ration kits to families in need.

- raised awareness to the hunger situation & social inequality and fundraise across the world

- develop community of volunteers for #zerohunger

Donations and transparency

We believe in utmost transparency, so after you have donated,

we send you a report on how your donations are used. 


So faryour donations have helped us


alleviate pressing hunger amongst migrant &  daily wage workers and their families

in cities, towns and villages across India. Our warriors and partner NGOs

work tireless to prepare cooked meals & ration kits for those in need.

Start livelihoods for women in Chandigarh 

Put 30+ students back to school (who would have else dropped out). 

.. more upcoming details on the ongoing projects.

Terms of Service


Our Partners

Our Outreach

[India] Delhi, Mumbai (MH), Chandigarh (PB), Noida (UP), Gudalur (TN), Wayanad (KA), Chennai (TN), Manipal (KA), Guwahati (AS), Cochin (KL), Naya Gaon (PB), Thane (MH), Aurangabad (MH), Kolhapur (MH), Pune (MH), Kamjong (MN), Bhopal (MP)

[Rest of World] Zurich, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Minneapolis, Bern, Cape Town, Belgium

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